Nipsa Diary Day 3

Dag 3 kan ik niet anders dan kort en krachtig uitleggen. Het was koud en nat! We zijn vroeg opgestaan om naar de markt te gaan. Om u even te schetsen hoe de Griekse markt eruit ziet, ziet u al op de bovenstaande foto. Beeld u nu een hele straat in vol met deze kraampjes. […]

Nipsa Diary Day 2

We begonnen de dag redelijk vroeg. Om 8.00 ging de wekker, we maakten ons klaar om om 8.30 samen met mijn nonkel Vasili en neefje Ilia naar de stad te gaan. In de stad Alexandroupolis is het s ochtends fijner vertoeven. Er zijn veel winkels, tavernes, restaurants en koffie bars te vinden. We dronken onze […]

Nipsa Diary Day 1

Een post in het Nederlands deze keer. Onze eerste dag in Nipsa. Voor het eerst in jaren, heb ik vliegangst ervaren. Het was zelfs zo erg dat ik bijna niet wilde vertrekken. Ik had niet zo zeer angst dat ons vliegtuig iets zou overkomen maar eerder mezelf. Ik ben een paar dagen geleden ziek geweest […]

What My Summer Is Going To Look Like

Gosh we are already ten days into July. It had been so busy that I didn’t had time to post. I work full time these two months in stead of the usual 4/5. So that’s one thing. But I Will get three weeks off, together with Ruben. We are going to Greece for a week […]

How To Make The Perfect Itinerary For San Francisco

With summer so close I’m sure you all have a nice vacation planned. Before I started intense blogging I travelled to San Francisco. I made a very detailed itinerary. It was so handy! I want to share some tips with you, so you can do the same. An itinerary can (and should) be used for […]

Book review: ‘I heart Vegas’ by Lindsey Kelk

Hey all, while my boyfriend and dog are taking a nap, I have time to blog. I have my tea (earl grey) ready and my iTunes is Playing Dolly Partons 9 to 5. Today I want to tell you guys about a book I just finished. And holy moly was this a good read! For […]

How I got kicked out of Disneyland Paris

Hey Princesses! I thought I’d share this funny story with you all. It’s about that time that I got kicked out of Disneyland Paris. How is that possible I hear you ask. Well… I went dressed up as a princess. My mom had bought me a princess dress in Disneyland Paris. The Ariel wedding dress. […]

5 tips for Disneyland Paris on a budget

Hi Princes and Princesses. We all love Disneyland Paris. The magic of seeing the castle when walking down main street U.S.A. Chasing down your favourite characters. waiting an hour for a good spot to watch your favourite shows. Singing along to the new parade song. Looking for the perfect souvenir in Emporium or World of […]

Look: The Honey Bee.

Hi dolls, I want to share a look  that you can do with a tutu skirt. If you want to understand my love for tutu skirts or wanna know why you NEED one in your wardrobe yourself you can find my blog post Here. I got my skirt from Tutu shop online, I can’t tell […]

Awonderousplace talks Tutu’s

Hi all! I’m here today to tell you guys about my new addiction. It’s tutu’s! What’s not to love about those puffy colorful skirts? It’s not only for Ballerinas anymore. These skirts are HOT and a must have item in everyone’s wardrobe, and I’m gonna tell you why: I loved them for years. I kept […]