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The journey of a thousand miles begins with…

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge.


Ever since I was a 5 year old, I dreamed of crossing the Golden Gate Bridge by car. Damn you Fullhouse! Now, 23 years later, I made my dream come true! Obviously I wasn’t the one driving and luckily it wasn’t my crazy Russian friend either. Just kidding.

When we were crossing it, and I was trying to snap a good picture for my instagram followers, my best Friend asked me if this was what my dream would look like.

The answer was ‘No’.

I wasn’t satisfied.

I hadn’t experienced it enough. 

 IMG_2287 yep, this was the best I could.

I read in my Lonely Planet guide that you can cross it by bike or by foot. As I detest biking. Okay I don’t hate it I just don’t like it. I decided to cross the bridge by foot!

My dear friends -lucky to have them- didn’t believe I could. 

“It’s too long!”

“Are you sure?”

“Get a bike!”

Well I probably don’t have to tell you that this gave me extra motivation. Thank you very much.


I’ll let the picture tell the story, because, you should -one day- experience this yourself.

It’s A-Meh-zing!


“I can do this” Selfie

IMG_2330                                                                        “Halfway there” Selfie.








                                                                            “Made it!” Selfie


Start to finish iiiiiinnnn………


22 minutes Say whattt?!

Okay I don’t know what the average time is. But I was very proud of myself! I crossed the world’s most beautiful bridge in 22 minutes! With making photos on my way.

PicMonkey Collage


Look at this view!!!! Wouldn’t you fall in love?



You have a beautiful view of Alcatraz too.




Of course I have the picture everyone else has….


More of you guys crossed this gorgeousness? 

Or maybe you want to cross it during your next visit to beautiful San Francisco? Read everything you need to know on their website: http://goldengatebridge.org/

Let me know!



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