5 tips for Disneyland Paris on a budget

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Hi Princes and Princesses.

We all love Disneyland Paris. The magic of seeing the castle when walking down main street U.S.A. Chasing down your favourite characters. waiting an hour for a good spot to watch your favourite shows. Singing along to the new parade song. Looking for the perfect souvenir in Emporium or World of Disney Store.

What we don’t love is the amount of money it costs us. What if I tell you, you could enjoy all this for less?

[ctt template=”4″ link=”Gt0Xh” via=”yes” ]I\’ll share with you some of the best tips to save money and still get the most out of your day/ weekend.[/ctt]

1. Buy an annual pass

Trust me, you’ll save! Because you pay one amount of money and you can go into the both parcs.It’s cheaper then buying tickets at he entrance.

You also get discounts in the shops. Don’t pay for parking. Get discounts in restaurants. You get so much out of it that you get most out of it even if you only go 4 days in a whole year.

Bonus: Several times a year you can invite 5 friends into the parcs for half the price. You even save when you want to visit on special events like Halloween night.

2. Book a hotel outside Disneyland Paris.

The hotels inside Disneyland Paris are ridiculously expensive. However if you do decide to buy an annual pass you can save on hotels too. Still, I recommend you do book a hotel outside of Disneyland Paris. You have cheaper hotels that are part of Disneyland Paris, like Kyriad, Vienna Dream Castle , Magic Circus and Explorers.

I have been to two of this hotels and I can tell you that they aren’t any different than a Disneyland Hotel. They have great rooms. Different themes. Jummy breakfasts. Speaking of breakfast, Disneyland Paris is quiting with the ‘breakfast included’ in their hotels. You pay extra for breakfast.

All these hotels have shuttles to Disneyland Paris. Staff is friendly and helpfull.

My personal favorite hotel right outside the parcs is Hipark Hotel. It’s a fifteen minute walk to Disneyland parcs and the studios. There is a shuttle bus! But I recommend the walk when you travel without kids. You walk right past New port bay club. The line to get into the main entrance is alot shorter as you enter from the side, in between the studios and World Of Disney Store.

3. Take snacks

Buy candy, popcorn, biscuits, fresh fruits, drinks, water, sandwiches… beforehand at home or in a cheap supermarket in the neighborhood. Eat sandwiches for lunch so you only spend money on dinner. Check my list with my personal favorite restaurants. Yu can keep it Disney themed! I know that LU has winnie the pooh waffles. The local candy store will surely have some princess lollypops or star wars caramels! Go look for it everywhere and save on your trip!

You will have more time to spend on attractions or meeting characters when you picnick along the way. Or even eat your snacks in the waiting line for it’s a small world.


4. Buy princess dresses online

For little girls that want to shine and sparkle and twirl like a real Disney Princess. It’s always fun to dress up! There are tons of cheap princess dresses for those little princesses online. PLus you wont look like all the other girls who got their dress at Disneyland Paris ;-).

(Yes, I got mine online! 😉 )

5. wait for promotions

Very often Disney does promotions, wait for them. Go seek online for the best deals. Check as many hotels in the neighborhood for the best prices in the area. I always book via Booking.com. You have a great overview of prices and reviews.

If you can travel mid week and not in school holidays. That way Eurostar, thalys will also be cheaper.

Because it’s less crowdy in the parcs, you will get more done in the day too. The best time to go in my opinion is a mid-week somewhere between mid-January through March.

If you have any further questions regarding, budgets, hotels or anual passes. Don’t hesitate to shout out!

You won’t need a magic wand or magic words for me to appear, I am right here!

With Love,

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2 Replies to “5 tips for Disneyland Paris on a budget”

  1. Some great tips! I hope to visit all disney locations in the world so this is definitely on my bucket list.

  2. This is great if you’re in Paris for a short weekend and want to give
    the kids a taste of Disneyland. The last place to visit
    would be the Chateau of Chantilly. Science meets imagination in Discoveryland while the 1900s are brought to life in Disney’s Main Street, USA.

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