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How To Make The Perfect Itinerary For San Francisco

With summer so close I’m sure you all have a nice vacation planned. Before I started intense blogging I travelled to San Francisco. I made a very detailed itinerary. It was so handy! I want to share some tips with you, so you can do the same. An itinerary can (and should) be used for literally any place you travel to. I just tell you about my San Francisco one so I can give you details.

Ready for take off?

Plan months ahead

I am a last minute kind of girl. I always want to plan things in advance, so I wont stress. Still I always manage to plan things last minute, except this trip. I was so excited to go that somehow I did it. Though for such a big trip it was needed.




The first book I purchased was Lonely Planet San Francisco.

[amazon_link asins=’1742207340′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’awon8-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’a60a722e-5c2f-11e7-b199-fbd6d70479f7′]

It lists everything perfectly with funny aspects and beautiful pictures. I love these book and I own three of them already.

Try the library and find some history about this place. If you read so much about it, you really get to know the place. You’ll see that you’ll already love it just because there is so many knowledge and background info.

I searched for “San Francisco books” on .

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This book included routes! I combined some of them together with mine to make the most of it.


Don’t just rely on books. The internet is full of ideas as well. Look what other bloggers have to offer you. Try to look after ‘Hidden Gems’ on Pinerest and Google. It gave me some very good ideas. After all we want to be travelers and not tourists. Tourists go to the golden gate bridge and Pier 39. Ok You must see those iconic things, really. But I explored so many new things and hidden beaches that most tourist don’t even know.


Now that you have your books and ideas it is time to write everything down and bundle the things YOU like to see and do. I’d recommend a travel journal.

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A tip I want to give you is to keep a bunch of pages free to just scribble all your ideas, online finds and websites you need to check. Then after those ramblings start sorting everything out. Place everything that is relevant together. For example everything that is in the castro neihbourhood and so on.

Don’t forget to add emergency numbers such as hospitals and 911 on in very first page of your journal!




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    I’m afraid I’m a very spontaneous traveler – so many trips undertaken on a whim and without planning. I suspect your tips would be useful in helping me get the most of my traveling experiences.

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