Cheap Valentine Dates

Hi guys and dolls!

So tomorrow it’s Valentines day! It’s so strange that I hated it every year. That stupid overrated let’s-fake-the-extra-romance kind of day. But this year is going to be the first year that I’m not alone :-D. So for once, I’m actually looking forward to it. Not that we are going to do some fancy things or anything. Me and my boyfriend are going to a restaurant. One that he picked! I’m almost certain that he is gonna buy me flowers too. The other ones are withered :-(. He’s just so sweet!

So I thought about V-Day and the things we could do. Especially the non-expencive things. I’ve come up with a list. A list of cosy things you can do with your boy or girlfriend on V-Day or just any other day!

Make a puzzle.

This is one of my favorite things to do! I enjoy it so much alone but I experienced great joy when my boyfriend, who I am gonna call by his name from now on. So Ruben and I once made a puzzle and we really enjoyed it! It may be something simple. But if you do it the two of you it can be romantic 😉

Read each other stories

Make your bed the most comfy place. Hang lamps, place candles all over the floor. (But be careful please!) Take each others favorite books. Read them to each other. Or for the more creative ones. retell your own lovestory. Make it unique. change it, make it novel like. Or maybe a horror. :-D. Or you can make up your very own brand new story. One begins with a sentence and the other one adds a sentence. Let’s see what story you guys come up with.

In stead of telling each other stories in bed, take a blanket, go into your backyard and tell eachother stories under the stars.


Make a romantic stroll at twilight.

nuff said right… Make stops every now and then to kiss at special places. Seek out a place that you both like and make it your own. Your own secret garden, a place for you guys only.

Go on a treasure hunt

Only the treasure is you! Leave your spouse a map with a letter telling him to go and find you.

DIY spa

Turn your house or maybe just the bathroom into a spa. First, thake a romantic bath, one with scented water and rose petals and all that stuff. Put on some classical music, or heavy metal whatever you prefere.

After the bath and while you are still hot, start giving massages to each other.

You know how much money you save? Just saying.


I’m delighted to hear what you guys are doing on V-Day?

XO Sarah

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