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All The Disneyland Paris Restaurants I’ve visited Part 1

One of the questions I get a lot, and read in almost every FB group is where to eat?

I understand that it can get very overwhelming for first timers because there are a LOT of eating upportunities in Disneyland Paris. To find the right place to eat is very importante! Right? I can tell you that they are available for every budget and every style possible. I ranked my Top five in a previous post that you can find here.

In this post I’m listing EVERY restaurant, bar or café that I visited in all the years that I’ve been to Disney. They are in alphabetical order.

Auberge De Cendrillon €€€

This is the Princess restaurant. It’s located in Fantasyland across from the castle. This was for years one of my dreams to do! As I am such a fan of all things princesses. It’s rather pricey and they serve high quality food. I would recommend it for girls that are into princesses, and are easy eaters. It is such a special experience because all the princesses visit you at your table! You can have a royal chat, your picture taken and they also do a dance which is so cute to witness. If it wasn’t so expensive I would immediatly do it again! They also offer breakfast with princesses. I’ve never tested that.


Billy Bob’s Western Salon €

This is ideal fot teenagers, students, adults,.. to end the day in a party. Or for a beer during the day. Personally I had the most memorable party there! For nightlife this is THE place to be. hands down. It is mainly known as a bar, I am not sure if you can eat decent meals. Billy Bob’s is located in Disney Village.


Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show €€

Also located in the Disney Village is Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. This is as the title states a Dinner Show. You get your food while watching a show. To be honest, I didn’t really enjoyed it. The food came really quickly, as I was really into the show and quite a slow eater, I didn’t finish my first course when they already came with the second. I also wasn’t so much into the food. They serve Chili Con Carne. If you love this kind of food, by all means, watch this and enjoy. The show is very fun and you get a free cowboy hat.


Café Fantasia €€

This cute café located in the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel became kind of our thing. On cold days we go there to drink an overpriced tea. Nevertheless it’s delish and always calm. If you’re lucky in the morning you can find some characters there. Sometimes a pianist will play the most beautiful disney tunes.

Café Hyperion €

You can’t really walk past this. It’s that building with the gigantic Zeppelin. Located in Discoveryland. They serve quick service meals. French fries and burgers. The Disney Version of Mc Donalds (more on that later). Often you can eat while watching shows as this also is used for different shows.


Café Mickey €€€

Aaaaah Good old caf mick! Overpriced food and characters at your table. Isn’t this just the reason why we all go to Disney. Apart from Auberge, here you can always find Mickey Mouse and his friends for a visit at your table. I loved this place!! You can eat and don’t have to worry about waiting to meet your favorite characters. Many of my best memories were made here!


Cape Cod €€€

This is the restaurant in Hotel Newport Bay and is a buffet. As it is long time ago that I went there, I can’t really remember what the food was like.

Captain Jack’s restaurant des Pirates €€€

Formerly known as Pirates of the Carribean. You will soon find out why. Once inside and placed at a table you can see the boats from this attraction coming by every minute. This cozy restaurant is located in Adventureland next to attraction ‘Pirates of the Carribean’. The food is exotic and mainly seafood. This is one of my favorites for sure.


Casey’s Corner €

For the best Hot-dogs head over to Casey’s Corner at the end of Main Street U.S.A.


Colonet Hathi’s Pizza Outpost €

As the name itself says you can get pizza and pasta in this quick service restaurants. How it works: You can choose between 3 menu’s. You order and wait, then find a place to sit. There are several restaurants who work like this. In my personal opinion, this is my least favorite. But I heard a rumor stating that they are going to change up this entire restaurant. This is located in Adventureland.


Cowboy Cookout BBQ €

I used to visit this restaurant a lot back in the days because you could meet characters like Woody, stitch, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse etc… I guess they cut that aspect now. The food didn’t really leave a mark in my memory. It mainly is a lot of meat. It is counterservice, so the same working method as Colonet Hathi’s but a different theme. Located in Frontierland near Big Thunder Mountain.


Earl of Sandwich €

Easily my favorite restaurant of this kind. It’s cheap, fast en really deliscious! It’s located in the Disney Village. There is alot of room inside, upstairs and outside. I would definitely recommend this!


Fantasia Gelati

This Ice cream shop can be closed on colder days. If however you are traveling in summer time and find it open, please go and try it out! It’s located across from It’s a small world in Fantasyland.


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