What My Summer Is Going To Look Like

Gosh we are already ten days into July. It had been so busy that I didn’t had time to post. I work full time these two months in stead of the usual 4/5.

So that’s one thing. But I Will get three weeks off, together with Ruben.

We are going to Greece for a week at the end of July. It’s been two years since I visited My grandpa there. He doesn’t live in a very touristic city. It’s actually a little town in the mountains. For those of you wondering the town is called Nipsa and the city nearby is Alexandroupolis. The city is a 30 minutes drive. there are beaches, cafes, shops… I think it’s going to be ideal for our resting holiday (is this even a word?) We are mostly gonna relax, sleep in and do NOTHING!

After that we have two whole weeks in August. We were looking to go on a city trip. We just haven’t decided where. Our top 3 is Ireland/scotland or Italy. I wanted to go to London, but with recent events I am a bit afraid.

Also Brussels is on our to do list.

We decided that we aren’t going to Disneyland Paris this summer, because it is going to be busy. We rather go in September.

So that’s it for now!

What is your summer going to look like?


What am I wearing

Dress: LolaLiza  Shoes: A cheap Chinese shop



Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...