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How I got kicked out of Disneyland Paris

Hey Princesses!

I thought I’d share this funny story with you all. It’s about that time that I got kicked out of Disneyland Paris. How is that possible I hear you ask. Well… I went dressed up as a princess.

My mom had bought me a princess dress in Disneyland Paris. The Ariel wedding dress. The size for a 12 year old fitted me!

I love princesses! I live and breathe Disney! Whenever I saw a princess walk past I was always in tears. My mom knew this and bought me the dress. (It was freaking expensive too) I wore it that day. But I wore it over my jeans and you could clearly see that I wasn’t a castmember. 

You can see here, my gorgeous mom and me, fitting the dress in emporium, I guess it was. Let me tell you, this was back in summer 2010. They don’t sell this dress anymore unfortunately. It was and is, for I still have it, a beautiful dress full of detail.

I was fortunate that the castmember in the shop didn’t see me because an adult isn’t aloud to put on a childs dress. So, don’t try this in Disneyland :D.

But then, a year later, I stayed with a castmember and asked him if I could go into the parks wearing my princess dress. He wasn’t sure. Still I put it on. Curled my hair. Put a tiara on my head and went for it.

At the parking lot I couldn’t move an inch as little girls and also adults asked for photos.

My day was already made and I wasn’t even in the parks yet. And as long as the castmembers concerned, I wouldn’t get in…

I arrived at the gates to enter. They stopped me then and there and asked me to enter the Mickey Office. There they asked me very kindly  that I looked very beautiful but that I was not aloud to wear a princess dress as an adult. I would look too much like a real character.

They politely gave me a big bag to put the dress in. I stripped away my dress but as I was wearing almost nothing underneath. I was looking more inappropiate to walk in a theme park then when I was wearing the princess dress. Still.. The dress had to go, otherwise I couldn’t enter. My friend was already working his shifts.

They let me in the main park wearing my white tank top and mini skirt.

I was not pleased and determined to go into the parcs dressed as a Princess. So I headed to The Walt Disney Studios Park as my friends was best friends with Captain Hook there. I ran into the first toilets I saw and put the dress back on.

It worked! I got out safely and began walking around like a proud 4 year old. I got so many attention from guests but also characters and cast members!

All went well until I decided to go shopping…  A woman behind the counter was eyeing me very angry. I got out the shop and a minute later, when I was walking to the gates of the Studios, I suddenly felt someone grabbing me.As I looked behind me I saw that it was security! He asked me if I could come with him. He escorted me out. Like he got hold of me until I was outside of the park!

I took it like a pro though. Kept waving and walking like a pricess all the way through.

This was the most awesome day ever! I did what I always wanted, got the attention I was looking for and I even made it to the ’talk of the day’ in the break rooms. These are the rooms where the ‘characters and their best friends’ stay during their breaks. They were constantly talking about me!

Best. Day. Ever!

Have a magical day!

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  1. zegt:

    WOW got kicked out of Disneyland, awesome story Sarah. If anything the part that got me was you being that adult while being escorted out waving your hand like a real princess. It takes some crazy ass courage and I give a TON of credit for it. Good blog…hope to read more.

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