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Book review: ‘I heart Vegas’ by Lindsey Kelk

Hey all,

while my boyfriend and dog are taking a nap, I have time to blog. I have my tea (earl grey) ready and my iTunes is Playing Dolly Partons 9 to 5.

Today I want to tell you guys about a book I just finished. And holy moly was this a good read! For those of you who follow me, I’ve made myself a challenge back in january I think. Though it is often enough proven that challenges don’t work for me. Still I keep doing it. Why?

I honestly don’t know.

But the challenge was to read one book a month. Now me being a bookaholic, that shouldn’t be a problem. But often life happens or I just didn’t feel like reading.

Although as soon as the sun comes out and the weather is nice, I just want to sit outside and read a book! So thank you Belgian weather for treating me so well and make me pick up a book I started months ago.

I have to be honest that for some reason I wasn’t into it when I started it. I don’t know why because I absolutely adore Lindsey Kelk. Her style is hilarious and the book had me rolling on the floor (not quite literally) laughing, even in the first part of the book

I’m talking about ‘I heart Vegas’. It’s the fourth book in the ‘I heart’ series. The main characters of these series are Angela, who gets in the most fun, bizarre adventures that you can imagine. After a breakup with her arsehole boyfriend (who you are going to hate if you read the book, I swear) she moves to New York. There she meets Jenny Lopez, not to be mistaken with Jennifer Lopez. They quickly become besties and roomates and everything. Always get involved in each others shit (also not literally), love affairs, heartbreak… And they also share the mutual thought that booze can fix everything and almost everytime it hits them in the face.

We all can find ourselves in Angela and Jenny. I wish she would exist so we could become besties! And I bet my head for it that every girl who reads this series would feel the same way.

I also love the very British way it is written. I’m not a Brit but it has taught me new things! I didn’t knew the word knickers!

So in this part, as the title slightly gives away, Angela and Jenny are going to Vegas. I personally have never been to Vegas but Lindsey Kelk, you wonderful woman brought me there through the marvelous and detailed way you discribe it all. Mainly Angela and Jennys adventures are full of booze, strippers, boyfriends and exes and vice versa, gay men, and of course casino’s. The full Vegas starterspack!

Without giving it all away, man did I wish they turn this into a film!

I wish I could tell you everything, please, please read this book! And then the next, as I do. It is a perfect summer read, the whole series are actually. So it is perfect now that the days are getting sunnier.

I’d rate this book a 4.5/5

If you really can’t wait, you can buy the book here:

[amazon_link asins=’0007345623′ template=’ProductLink’ store=’awon8-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’5f806460-5378-11e7-bd9c-7b822aee3608′]

Happy reading! Let me know what you think.

Dit vind je misschien ook leuk...

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  1. zegt:

    Hi Sarah! I love your description of this book! I think I might go and get it. It sounds like a story I would enjoy! There are people out there who enjoy reading specialist literature or the really Sep stuff and then there is me 😉

  2. This book sounds amazing! I never heard of the author but I will definitely find her books. Thank you for opening my eyes for them! I know the feeling of being a bookaholic but not having enough time for reading. I really really love reading but lately, don’t have time for it. The idea of a book/a month sounds good. It looks realistic to me!

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