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The Beauty of Santorini

Hello guys!

It’s cold outside which makes me think about upcoming summer, and also reminisce about last summer. I made an amazing trip to two even amazing Greek Island. The first part of my trip I spent in Rhodos. More about that in a later post. From Rhodos I took the Ferry to Santorini where I spent 4 days. Only. 4. Days!! I know … what was wrong with me? The island is mesmerizing!! It instantly took my breath away. I had the privelege that i could stay with my cousin. he has a cave house, which is a MUST – DO when you visit Santorini.

What are you saying? You’re already looking for a hotel? Yes you are! This is the best moment! If you love the luxury hotels, I have a recommendation. Astra Suites . Although I didn’t actually had a room here, I did spend every day here. They have a pool, relaxation if you stay there, an amazing kitchen!! A bartender who makes the most incredible cocktails in the world! And yes, he happens to be another one of my cousins. Just saying. The employees are very friendly and very helpfull. Still in doubt? Look at some amazing pictures!

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I love to hear your thoughts and maybe your own adventures in Santorini!

XOXO Sarah

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