Review ‘The Little Mermaid’ Musical

Gisteren ging ik naar de musical’ The little mermaid’ in Gent. Ik had er heel erg naar uit gekeken en had ook hoge verwachtingen! Ik ken al jaren alle liedjes uit mijn hoofd, weliswaar in het engels, en had al veel fragmenten gezien op youtube. Eindelijk die musical in BelgiĆ«, het was als een droom […]

The memory book review

I finished this book in a week during my holiday. It read very well and it got me hooked from the beginning. You know what is going to happen and still it was such a tear jerker! I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed “The fault in our stars” It’s a story full of […]

Book review: ‘I heart Vegas’ by Lindsey Kelk

Hey all, while my boyfriend and dog are taking a nap, I have time to blog. I have my tea (earl grey) ready and my iTunes is Playing Dolly Partons 9 to 5. Today I want to tell you guys about a book I just finished. And holy moly was this a good read! For […]