Boeken van april

Zoals ik al zei lees ik weer meer nu ik tijd heb. Ik heb heel veel boeken, en zeker 90% nog nooit gelezen. Omdat ik er zoveel heb vind ik het meestal moeilijk op een boek te kiezen en te lezen. Nu was ik gewoon bij de A begonnen. Ik heb onze boekenrek, want Ruben […]

Book review: ‘I heart Vegas’ by Lindsey Kelk

Hey all, while my boyfriend and dog are taking a nap, I have time to blog. I have my tea (earl grey) ready and my iTunes is Playing Dolly Partons 9 to 5. Today I want to tell you guys about a book I just finished. And holy moly was this a good read! For […]

One book a month

I start with a delay on my own challenge. I don’t know if I mentioned that I moved with my boyfriend to a three floor appartment. A little thing that I haven’t mentioned yet is thay my boyfriend also loves books. We have our own little library. I ordered my ahum, our books in alphabetical […]

Books to read this Halloween

Hi guys! Hope you all have a great month so far. Isn’t October the scariest month of all? I love decorating my room for fall/halloween. Crafting in this theme is also fun! The colors are nice. For the scary parts of the decorations you can do lots of things. You can make it really scary, […]