Awonderousplace talks Tutu’s

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Hi all!
I’m here today to tell you guys about my new addiction. It’s tutu’s!
What’s not to love about those puffy colorful skirts?

It’s not only for Ballerinas anymore. These skirts are HOT and a must have item in everyone’s wardrobe, and I’m gonna tell you why:

I loved them for years. I kept saving them on Pinterest, but, I never dared wearing them because of what other people would say. Besides you don’t find them in an everyday store.

Last year I finally bought myself a tulle skirt in mintblue at Moggy’s.

A few weeks ago I saw the same tulle skirt in peach pink at Moggy’s and bought it as well.

Later my dear friend Jolien introduced me to the Tutu Shop .

They have a bunch of tutu’s available in all colors and sizes. And for a fairly good price. I bought a yellow ‘over the knee’ one last week. You have to believe me when I tell you that I fell in love!!

I’m gonna order my next tutu in a few days. I’ll let you guess the color 😉

From the moment I wore it I knew that I didn’t want anything else anymore! I feel confident wearing it and it shows.

You have to be fully aware that people will be watching. You’ll hear whispers cause there are two groups: The lovers and the haters.

Only listen to the lovers! Hearing a little girl tell her mom that you are a princess, an elderly woman that tells you you’re gorgeous…

That’s when I knew, I was born to wear tutu’s!!


Follow me up for all the different looks you can create with a tutu.

What do you all think?

Hot or Not?


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6 Replies to “Awonderousplace talks Tutu’s”

  1. Wow! That is so cute.

  2. Beautiful. Love the write up

  3. These are adorable skirts.

  4. Oh! I love tutu too! I feel though that of I do wear them – people think I am too old for it. Haha! I think I will have to take a closer look at the tutu shop and see what I can find! 🙂 x

    1. Hey Su! In my opinion you are never too old to wear a tutu! Just go for it 😉 xo

  5. I love those skirts – they can be combined in versatile ways and look so feminine

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