My first Pocketletter

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I’ve found a new addiction Thanks to my friend Natascha. It’s POCKETLETTERS!!

You can check hers on her facebookgroup here 

If you don’t know what Pocketletters are check this blog


The theme for my first pocketletter was: ‘The key to my heart’

I didn’t start my letter with that theme in mind. it came as I was making it.

At first I chose my papers to cut the cards. I chose something vintage and pink.

12674457_962122100539747_1000883944_n These are the three styles I picked. I made three cards out of each paper style.



After cutting the cards, which almost took me an hour, I picked a stamp to color with Derwent Pencils.


That was also a first for me.


The experience was very cool and the result even cooler. It doesn’t even look like it is coloured by hand.

When the colouring was finished I began choosing stickers, things, glitters and stuff to decorate the cards.

12650673_962122160539741_2113695158_n 12596435_962122123873078_574404621_n

12665747_962122110539746_1027847898_n I continued placing the cards into the right order. So that I had one card from each syle on every row. Then I started decorating them. It wasn’t until I found a sticker Key that I decided what theme I would make it in. Natascha gave me the keyhole and then it was finished.12714286_962122207206403_1779145985_n (1)

12633269_10208568068789527_670094047_o 12666483_962121707206453_1825603388_n 12669827_10208568068829528_1683801716_o 12670029_10208568068909530_494077438_o 12656150_10208568068949531_667061050_o 12633400_10208568068709525_955990093_o (1)

And the finished version:



Can’t wait to see what you guys think and maybe share your own letters!

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