5 Halloween movies to watch with kids

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I got a bit distracted, I had a date.

No further details!


With Halloween coming up I try to watch Halloween themed movies with the kids! This is our Top 5 and we reccomend it highly to all of you.

Hocus Pocus


According to the kids: “The witches are nice and they have a talking Cat!!”





Spooky buddies

Who doesn’t love a movie with talking dogs?SpookyBuddies








The haunted mansion

“The singing statues! The singing statues!”

They played it so many times, I still hear it in my head.


The nightmare before Christmas

They loved it!Although the songs were quite too much for them.Nightmare-Art-nightmare-before-christmas-21692098-1642-2521


Yes it’s a dark-ish movie, but it’s also a fairytale. Besides what’s better than seeing your favorite villain becoming the hero of the story?Maleficent_42



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